Suze: Are you a baby addict?

Nadya: I think it could have been [a] part of me self-medicating.

Suze: Yes or no? Are you a baby addict?

Nadya: Today, no. Back then, probably yes. ... I think I could have been self-medicating through children.


Oprah: I think that’s pretty powerful. I think that’s a powerful admission that you were self-medicating.

Nadya: Yes. But I want to tell you, I felt like a watering can...with holes in it. ... I’m doing it well in my head, right? I gave up a social life...gave this up so I could put all of me in my kids, but that's not enough. There's holes in the bottom of the watering can, and the more I give to them, the more of myself is dripping out and the more depleted I become. When it's empty, I go back [and say], "Doctor, one more."


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