Oprah: When the embryos were planted, you thought only one was going to take?

Nadya: I didn't think any of them would because I had them frozen...after the twins I tried twice again. Each time failed.

Suze: How did you pay for that?

Nadya: Through years of saving, saving...

Suze: Lie. Lie. Lie. ... I went through your finances. You had to pay back somebody who lent you the money to have it. You did not save the money to be implanted. You borrowed all of it.

Nadya: All of it. I borrowed the money.

Suze: You just said to me two seconds ago you saved. You lied.

Nadya: No, it's everything, it's everything. I saved and I borrowed and...I did everything I could—like an addict. Like an addict to drugs who will do anything they can to secure the money they need for in vitro.


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