Oprah: So the question is, I mean for everybody with children...the six children. You were able to manage those children?

Nadya: Yes.

Oprah: Suze's not buying it.

Nadya: I was struggling and I was trying to probably prove something to myself.

Suze: All right. You didn't have the money then. Yeah, she was making it, Oprah. She was able to go day by day.

Nadya: Yes, day by day. Right.

Suze: She was struggling. But what is "making it"? "Making it" is you have an eight-month emergency fund, you don't have credit card debt, you don't have to be on food stamps, you're putting money in your retirement fund. That’s "making it." Making it isn't just getting up in the morning and getting through the day and then getting up the next morning...

Nadya: It’s stupid.

Suze: This isn't about you putting yourself down. This is your day in front of the world to go to the deepest part in yourself, to be honest with why, what and now where do we go? But not to condemn yourself.

Nadya: It's safer. Kids won’t leave you. Kids will give me the unconditional acceptance and love that I didn't feel I got from my mother.

Oprah: But having six wasn’t enough?

Nadya: Six wasn’t enough. And guess what? [I have] 14 and the hole's still there.


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