After the phone conversation, Suze decides to work with Nadya off-camera to uncover the truth about why her life and finances were in a tailspin. Nadya and Suze join Oprah to talk about the progress they've made so far.

Suze: Here's what everybody in America—everybody, including us—is wondering: Why? Not the superficial reason why, but why, when you couldn't afford the six kids to begin with, would you even think about having one more kid, let alone eight more kids? ... That's what America wants to know from you, Nadya. So tell them.

Nadya: The thickest reason, at the core, I'm seeing, I'm desperately outside myself using an inappropriate filler to fill something that I should be filling from within.

Oprah: But this is the question, and we talked about this a bit in April when I said it sounded to me like you had an addiction to children, to having babies. The six children weren’t enough?

Nadya: Why did I say, "Doctor, one more?" I even ask myself [that].

Oprah: I think what Suze is saying is exactly what everybody's trying to figure out...and maybe you don't know the answer yourself. Because everybody I know who has one child, two children, three children...they have their hands full trying to take care of those children. Weren't your hands overflowing?

Nadya: Overflowing already.

Oprah: With six kids.

Nadya: And in school. Four days after I gave birth to my twins, I went back to school and I got a 4.0 in a master's program. I have that sick Type A, overachiever, perfectionist personality. This isn't just now. It started when I was little. Nothing's good enough.


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