Suze agreed to help, and a call was set up between her and Nadya. Suze says she didn’t trust Nadya at the time, so she insisted that the call be recorded for everyone’s protection. (Nadya was aware that it was being taped).

Suze: How much do you currently have left to your name right now?

Nadya: I'm overdrawn. We don't have anything. My mind has been racing 24 hours a day. It's non-stop racing on what to do.

Suze: You need to look at all your bills. You need to look at this very realistically. The gifts have to go, the manicures have to go, the trainer has to go. All those things have to go. You don’t have to send your children to private school because I notice that you spend $2,000 a month. Private schooling has to go. Last Christmas, you spent almost $8,000 on toys for them.

Nadya: It makes me want to throw up thinking about it. I am so stupid. I am so stupid. If I knew back then that this was a possibility, I would have saved every dollar.

Suze: I would put as many of the toys that you have in that house on eBay for sale or somehow for sale. I mean, I don't care if it's $100, $500, but if you can, just start to show yourself everything that's in excess in that house know, $100 feeds them for a day. I think also you would play a whole lot better [role] to society if they knew that you were taking care of all 14 kids on your own without any help whatsoever.

Nadya: Think of the reality though, Suze ... being one person, 14 to 1, with an autistic child inclusive in that, it is impossible for any human. Not even God could do that.


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