Suze: We have one more addiction I think we have to deal with. You go in the middle of the night to work out.

Nadya: Yes, I do.

Suze: You do and you're very proud of that. You also had a trainer that you were spending a few hundred dollars a month on to train you.

Nadya: That was last year.

Suze: I don't care when it was. It was.

Nadya: I’m justifying it.

Suze: I'm justifying it away. So there are many ways to get this out, but the reality of it is—and I want you to go here with me—you want to look good. You want to be able to have a great body, be strong and all that. Is any part of you also addicted to fame?

Nadya: No way.

Suze: Addicted to the cameras, addicted to magazine covers, addicted to the attention—addicted to that, and therefore, you want to look good for those cameras?

Nadya: No, I will say honestly no. Absolutely not.


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