Oprah: How are [your children] doing?

Nadya: They're all extraordinarily healthy.

Suze: Do you know all there names?

Nadya: [Laughter] Yes, I do.


Oprah: How old is the oldest?

Nadya: He's nine. So when I had the eight, my oldest was 7. I had 14 [children], 7 [years-old] and under.

Oprah: How are the six dealing with the eight?

Nadya: I personally feel as though the three oldest kids are 10 times harder than all the others. The three oldest—the 9-, the 8-, the 7-year-old—[are] fighting like dogs.

Suze: Want to hear the news, though? These 2-year-olds? They’re gonna be 6, 7 and 8 before you know it. We can laugh about that now, but just wait.


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