Oprah: And you, Suze, said to her that you have a responsibility to your better get an agent or do whatever you can.

Suze: Just so we have this all in perspective, when I spoke to her and said you better go to church, she had maybe $300 left to her name. Period. Her lights were going to be shut off, her electricity was going to go, her house was going to be taken away. When I say she was going to be on the street with 14 kids, I was not just being dramatic like I can be. It was a reality that was maybe one week away at that time.

Oprah: Not even a week away. $300 and 14 kids?

Suze: Now the truth of the matter is that you didn’t want to not go on assistance because you would feel like you were a failure as a mother. Tell the truth. Why didn’t you want to go on assistance?

Nadya: Because people would hate me more than they already do.

Suze: And who cares if they hate you or not? Who cares?


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