Nadya: Then I got an offer to do a pseudo bartending job. I don’t drink alcohol and I’ve never opened a beer bottle. ... I was doing my best, [I got] $1,000 for two hours.

Oprah: For bartending?

Suze: Celebrity bartending.


Nadya: Then I really took a chance. I took a chance by securing management...

Oprah: Meaning, [you] got an agent?

Nadya: An agent, a literary agent, yes.

Oprah: You didn't want to do that?

Nadya: [It was] like two opposite ends of the extremes. One, I refused to go on real government help—to throw my hands up in the air and say I give up and feel like a failure as a parent. The other end of the extreme [was] I didn't want to become a self-fulfilling prophecy and become what people thought I already was: fame-seeking. So I was reluctant—extremely reluctant—to secure any type of management.


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