Oprah: So did you take Suze's advice?

Nadya: To heart—immediately. I had big floppy slippers on. She said, "Start the car and go to church." So I took the slippers off and I went barefoot and I started the car and I went to church.

Oprah: So what did you do? You walked into the church barefooted?

Nadya: Yes, I did. And they didn’t even look. One of my greatest problems [is] pride, and I have such trouble asking for help. Especially if I put myself in a predicament, I feel that I'm obligated to rectify the situation. So I did do it and I asked, "I need help, and is there anyone who would be willing to talk with me?" And she right away got a pastor, and I recognized him. He knew—he recognized me. He sat with me and he asked me the situation and I told him everything: "I'm terrified of what’s going to happen to me and my kids, we're losing our house and I have to borrow money for food." He said, "Let's pray." I was really wanting prayer—and we prayed. Within a week, there were major changes that happened.

Oprah: Major changes like what?

Nadya: One, I did the yard sale. I got going on that right away.


Oprah: How much money did you make from the yard sale?

Nadya: It was almost $1,500. That’s money to put food on the table.


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