Gavin says Johanna's experience will help save lives. "Johanna actually did so much better than so many other people. She did tell this violent and threatening person that she was done with the relationship, and she meant it. She didn't negotiate. She didn't get pulled into a lot of conversations about it," he says. "She also did go to the police...She had the courage to do that. The system let her down by all measures, but she did all the right moves for a young person."

The only thing Gavin says Johanna could have done differently was to seek help earlier. "One thing that made her situation so particularly difficult is she did not talk about it with anybody," he says.

Still, Johanna's alive to tell her story. "Anybody out there who thinks they're in a relationship that's too tough to get out of, you only have to look at Joanna and see what she went through. And she ultimately got out of her relationship," he says. "If Johanna has the strength to do it, then anybody out there has the strength to do it."

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