Supermodel Elle Macpherson's career began with a bet when she was just 16. "A girlfriend of mine said to me, 'I bet you 20 bucks if you go into my modeling agency, they'll take you on,' and I was, like, 'No, they never will,'" Elle says. "For me $20, at that time, was a lot of money so I said, 'I have nothing to lose.'"

In fact, the agency had everything to gain...they signed the Australian beauty, and eight months later, Elle landed her first television commercial.

In the mid '80s, Time magazine nicknamed Elle "The Body" and that body landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated's coveted swimsuit issue a record five times—more than any other model.

At 47, Elle is now the mother of two boys, the global spokesperson for Revlon and the head of a lingerie empire. "I'm more confident about the way I look today because I have access to better hair and makeup people and better lighting," Elle says with a laugh. "But, as a woman, I don't put as much importance upon the way I look. It's really about who I am as a person."


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