Cheryl Tiegs became well-known with a sexy photo in Sports Illustrated in the '70s. "I still get fan mail wanting me to sign that particular picture; I don't know why," Cheryl says. "I don't know why it's so racy, sexy. It's just a simple shot."

Soon after donning her famous swimsuit, Cheryl became a household name in 1978 when Time magazine named her the "All-American model." "That completely changed my life," she says. "It was a huge seller and everybody became my friend in America, and I kind of liked that because I would walk down the streets and people would say, 'Hi, Cheryl. How are you doing?' I just thought, 'Oh my God, my world has changed.' All of a sudden, I've got all these friends."

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"[The magazine] made you a real person and not just a stick figure model," Oprah says to Cheryl.

Cheryl eventually stopped modeling and launched a design career. "I thought, in modeling, I was always in competition with myself," she says. "Not with other girls."


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