In the 1970s, Christie's fresh face made her the new beauty standard. Since then, she's been the face of Cover Girl for 30 years and has graced more than 500 magazine covers.

But, beyond the dazzling smile, Christie's had her share of heartache. In 2008, Christie's fourth marriage to Peter Cook ended in a much-publicized, painful divorce. Now, she says she's learned her lesson. "I'm way too trusting," she says.

Although she still believes in love, she doesn't see another marriage in her future. "Marriage is to try to formalize a lot of things for the sake of the kids," Christie says. "My kids are growing up now, and that's not necessary."

At 57, Christie is an activist, artist, actress, the proud mother of three and a cover girl who's more creative than ever.

During her modeling days, Christie says she used to sketch in her journal. Today, she paints, sculpts and creates artwork from her Hamptons home. "I have to be creating all the time," Christie says.

Watch as Christie discusses her latest project—a starring role on Broadway! Watch  

Christie says a vegetarian diet and the way she takes care of herself physically, spiritually and emotionally helps her look fantastic at 57. "Plus, great genes; my mom, at 80, is gorgeous," she says. What else does every woman need? "A great dermatologist."


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