In 1988, Czech-born beauty Paulina Porizkova was the highest paid supermodel in the world. At age 24, she married rocker Ric Ocasek from the band The Cars. She and Ric have been going strong for more than 20 years and have two children together.

Paulina isn't afraid to talk openly about the aging process. "Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman's ego," she says. "Every time a guy passes by me when I've made an effort and doesn't take a second look, it hurts a little bit."

She still remembers an incident with a mail carrier that bruised her model ego. "My mailman handed me a letter and told me he wasn't sure if I was aware that there was a hot model living in my building. And he was speaking of me," she says. "It hurts a little bit."

Although aging may hurt sometimes, Paulina is grateful for the experience. "I could just go and Botox it all away, and I would be all plumped up and looking 10 years younger and reinvigorated, but then I'm just delaying the process," she says. "You forget to remember that aging is a privilege, and it's not a birthright."


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