Though Drew says he tried to approach it like any other game, the energy and excitement surrounding the Super Bowl was undeniable. "You try not to think that 106 million people are watching, because you'd probably get really nervous, but just the emotions surrounding that game. Our head coach, Sean Payton, did an unbelievable job throughout the week of trying to prepare us for that, but still each guy in their own way, when the game starts, you just have to kind of find a way to reel it all in," he says. "For the first half of the first quarter, emotions are running so high that you just have to find a way to calm yourself down and stay poised."

Once the game got under way, Drew said he was able to tell himself it was just a game like any other. "Now that it's over and you're able to reflect, you just understand how important that was," he says. "What I was trying to reflect upon when I stood on the trophy stand with my son was just that journey and everything that we had gone through as a team, as a city, in order to get to that moment right there, and I really just tried to enjoy that moment."

After the game, Drew says he heard from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. "He's a very classy guy and a very good football player, so I appreciated that."


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