On February 7, 2010, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl for the first time. The game, watched by 106 million people, was the most-watched television event in history. Quarterback Drew Brees was named the game's MVP and says the whole experience was surreal. "Even right now as I sit here, I have to pinch myself and say, 'Did that really happen?'"

After the years of struggle the city of New Orleans has been through since Hurricane Katrina, Drew says he knew America was on the Saints' side. "I feel like the energy of the country was with us," he says. "Regardless of whether you were a Saints fan before that, I think everyone was able to relate with everything that our city has been through over the last four years and what our team means to the city and what a win would do for them. I am so glad we were able to give them that championship, because they deserve it."


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