Pam wrote in to find out if her husband Cliff's football habit is a major fumble. "He loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he acts like he's a part of the team," she says. "He only works out during football season because he feels like he has to stay in shape in order for the team to win."

Between watching the games live, watching replays of those games and taking in all the commentary, Cliff estimates he watches 40 to 50 hours of football a week. A USA Today poll reveals that the average man watches between three to six hours a week. 

Dr. Phil says Cliff's football habit is not normal. "But what really matters, and I think your wife will tell you this, that the important thing is when that game is over, do you go look her in the eye, and say: 'What would you like to do? How can I spend some quality time with you?'" he says. "If you're doing that, she's not going to care whether you're watching football or whether you're not."

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