When Oprah Show viewers wrote in to ask if their daily activities are normal, there was only one man to turn to for answers. As television's straightest shooter, Dr. Phil McGraw isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

One of the biggest questions couples face is how many times a week they should have sex. "There's no right or wrong number," he says "What you have to do is negotiate what works for both of you. And 'negotiate' doesn't mean whining, begging, pouting or guilt-inducing your partner." 

Poll: Is your love life normal?

Dr. Phil says if both people can agree on the frequency, then that's what's normal for the relationship. "Here's the real key to increasing it. Research says that the average time between when a man thinks, 'Aha! It's time to have sex,' and when he is finished is two and a half minutes," he says. "For women, it's 14 minutes. So that means the guy's got to figure out something to do for 10 or 12 minutes in there or it's not going to be working out very well for her."

To have more sex, Dr. Phil says you also need to limit distractions. "Your sex life goes down 50 percent if you have a TV in your bedroom," he says. "So turn the TV off if you want to increase it."


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