Since Tina and Steve both have backgrounds in improv, they say they ad-libbed a lot for Date Night. "We always shot the scene as scripted because they are really good scripts. And then Shawn Levy, our director, would say 'Okay, now anybody want to try anything?' And I feel like in almost every scene there's a little something," Tina says. "Like for example, Steve licking a stripper pole and then immediately getting nauseous. Improvised."

"My parents are going to be so proud of me," Steve says.

Aside from starring in 30 Rock, Tina is also the head writer and producer of the hit show. This month, she's also a two-issue cover girl—her picture is on the covers of Esquire and Vogue. Tina says she had a great time with the magazine shoots. "Anything like that I go into, I don't feel any pressure because they know they didn't hire a model, so I'm just here to have fun," she says. "The dirty photo shoot [for Esquire] was a little easier for me. I don't know why. I'm more comfortable."

Tina has become known as "the thinking man's sex symbol," but she says she's not totally sold on the title. "I've heard that, and I sort of feel like that's not really a thing, because I feel like even the thinking man wants Megan Fox and Jessica Simpson. Like, the thinking man's like: 'Yeah, get out of here. I see Jessica Simpson." 

"I think she's a sex symbol of the idiot and the thinking man, frankly," Steve says.


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