After these three challenges, the women on Ali's team say they have new leases on life. Jane, whose confidence took a hit after separating from her husband and losing her job, says she got her self-esteem back. "I feel amazing," she says. "The things that I accomplished? I never in a million years ever would have thought I was jumping out of a plane unless it was crashing toward the ground on fire. And I did it. Then I realized I can do other things too that I thought I couldn't."

Robin says she finally feels like she's won the approval of her daughters. "[I wanted them to think] I'm somebody to admire, that I'm a normal woman and I didn't embarrass them," she says. "My 12-year-old welcomed me home, and it was just exciting."

For Yanick, the new rule is to take care of herself first, so she can better help others. "When you're in an airplane and the oxygen mask is going to fall down, what's the first thing they tell you? You have to put it for yourself before you can help somebody else," Yanick says. "So my mask is on. I've been trying to put my mask for everybody else. Now it's on my face. I'm back. I'm me."


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