For the final challenge, the women didn't wear knee pads, parachutes or...anything at all. As Ali starts to strip down on the beach for the skinny-dipping challenge, the women are all in shock. "Are you serious?" Yanick asks. "She's kidding. She's kidding." 

Eventually, the women realize this is not a joking matter. Slowly, all the women but Robin run—completely naked—into the ocean. "The great thing about these three things was that you couldn't predict who was going to excel," Ali says. "I was thinking: 'There's no way Jane's going to get naked. I can just tell.' ... As soon as I showed my girls, [there's Jane], naked, running past me into the ocean." 

Yanick says that of all the challenges, skinny-dipping was her greatest fear. "I'm a real woman with curves," she says. "Magazines don't say my size, you know? So naked? I mean, a month from now when I can lose 10 pounds, great. But now?"
That immediacy was the greatest thing about the challenges, Ali says. "As soon as we got over the [fear], it was like: 'Who cares what we look like? We're just going to literally get out of our skin and be a bunch of gals naked in the ocean."


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