For their second challenge, Ali and her team of women arrive at another mystery location. This time, they're trading in their roller skates for parachutes because they're all going skydiving."I would rather shave my head than do this," Melanie says.
The women get a lesson with veteran instructor Jim Wallace, who has made more than 21,000 jumps. "You have to have the courage when they open the door at altitude to move to the door knowing you can do this," he says. "It's a big leap of self-confidence when you step out of that aircraft."

Watch Ali's team get ready to jump out of a plane. Watch

Everyone boards the plane, but at about 10,000 feet, Melanie starts to feel sick. "I actually passed out and woke up at 12,000 feet, looked at my altimeter, and said: 'Not jumping. We're not jumping," she says. "Then he hauled me back into the plane and I threw up." 

Still, Melanie says she feels the mission was a success. "I feel a lot of pride that I actually tried to do that," she says. "It's somethign I said I was never going to do and then I got that far and was willing to jump."


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