When Ali first meets the women, she gives them each a clue about their first challenge. Fishnet stockings, a mouth guard, knee pads and fake tattoos can only mean one thing: roller derby.

Roller derby is like football on skates—women skate around a rink, and every time they pass an opponent, they score a point.

L.A. Derby Doll Alex Cohen, known in the roller derby world as "Axles of Evil," says the sport really helped her step out of her own box. "It allowed me the opportunity to see that there is nothing I can't do if I put my mind to it," she says. "This is your opportunity to bring out that part of your personality that might be lurking in here." 

Watch Ali's Daredevils become derby girls. Watch

After a two-hour training session, Ali's team is ready for their first match. Robin says taking on her roller derby alter-ego was like rediscovering her youth. "I felt like I was 18 years old again."

The sport wasn't all light-hearted fun. Yanick says it really helped her discover her inner strength. "There's nothing I can't do," she says. "I'm more powerful than I know."


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