Now, Ali's spearheading a group of women who will follow in her footsteps. The Daredevils include four strangers from around the country who are bonded only by their desire to break their routines, overcome their fears and step out of their boxes. 

Robin is a mother who says she feels like her life is missing something. "I have four daughters, and I want my daughters to grow up to want to be like me," she says. "Right now, I don't think they would want to." 

Jane, a mother of two, lost both her job and her relationship with her husband in the past six months. "I've lost my confidence," she says. "I just need to figure out how to get it back."

Yanick, a neonatologist, says the monotony of her daily routine has gotten the best of her. "It's sometimes easier to do for others than it is to do for yourself," she says. "If your cup is empty, you can't give anyone else any water from your cup to drink." 

A single mom of two boys, Melanie says her life has been paralyzed by fear."It has limited me in my choices of what I can or cannot do," she says. "I have these two brave boys who are watching their mother very carefully as they get older, and I'm not setting an example for them if I'm this scared, pathetic, weak woman."


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