"Our world has suffered a devastating loss, but your prayers and kind words continue to be a refuge from the pain of this tragedy.

I grieve for the loss of my partner Fernando Bengoechea, as well as all those missing, displaced and deceased.

I continue to turn to those close to me, and Fernando, to grieve and heal, and I ask that you allow us the privacy we require to mourn our loss.

I continue to be moved by the stories of people reaching out to help those that are suffering and pray that this kindness remains long after the shores have been reconstructed and lives have been rebuilt.

Many of you have contacted my office and staff seeking answers about what charities to support and what path I am following to bring aid to this devastated portion of the world. I am touched by your commitment to this cause. I ask that all donations be directed to the Angel Network in honor of those lost, helping us rebuild the area of Arugam Bay, including the schools and homes of those in need.

As we continue to come together as a people, I find relief in knowing that the wave of devastation that washed away so much life might now be replaced by a flood of humanity and hope."

— Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus' Miraculous Survival
Nate and other tsunami victims share their incredible stories of survival. Their struggle, their courage and their strength is remarkable.


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