Trina and Trevor

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Trina and Trevor have been married 10 years, and most of that time they've battled over the same thing—Trina's weight. Trina says that when she met Trevor, she was thin and her weight wasn't an issue. But after two pregnancies and 10 years of marriage, Trina had reached 225 pounds. She's since hired a personal trainer to help her "save her marriage." Trina says she and Trevor have separated twice, and both times he dated younger, thinner women. Trina says that Trevor's eyes still wander and from what our cameras caught while he was at the gym, she might be right.

"I think Trevor has an idea of the way that women should look and I've struggled for the last 10 years to fulfill that ideal, and I just can't," Trina says. "And I never feel as though I'm his ideal wife. He is a beautiful man. A good-looking man. And I just want to be his good-looking wife. But at the same time, I just don't want to give him everything that I think he wants all the time."

"I'm always proud of things she's done," Trevor says of Trina. "She's opened her own business. She has two wonderful daughters. But…I want the best for my wife. I want to see health and happiness."

Where does Trina and Trevor's marriage stand today? Get the update and Trevor's confession.