Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes

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Halle Berry, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes are all here to celebrate how Oprah has inspired her viewers to change the world. "The true beauty of your show is that your viewers haven't just been sitting in front of their televisions being entertained or merely informed," Halle says. "They have risen up to literally change the world."

Halle tells Oprah about Debbie, a viewer who was inspired by The Oprah Show to become a foster mother to 29 newborn babies.

Katie shares the story of Lanny, a viewer who was so moved by Oprah's ChristmasKindness in South Africa, he started a charity that has helped more than 100,000 Kenyans build homes, clinics and water wells.

Queen Latifah introduces Mollie, a viewer who helped 56-year-old Samija from Bosnia start her own vegetable farm. Now, Samija is able to feed her family and most of her village.

"There are countless Debbies, Lannys and Mollies walking around this world because of The Oprah Show," Katie says.

Over the years, Oprah Show viewers have donated more than $12 million to the charity Women for Women International and helped 37,161 women in countries like the Congo, Rwanda, the Sudan, Nigeria, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq.

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