Diane Sawyer is one of the hardest-working women in the news business, but between broadcasts, she makes time for her biggest fans.

For years, Bridget Shanahan, a newscaster in Champaign, Illinois, has looked up to Diane, a woman she calls her hero. So you can imagine her surprise when Diane popped up on her screen during a morning broadcast!

At first, Bridget keeps her cool while reading this fictional news report on live TV. "In our next story, an unsuspecting local woman gets hooked up after her mom writes a letter to Oprah Winfrey," she reads. "She's going to get a chance to meet her lifelong hero and mentor right now, as she's sitting at this desk and in this chair."

When Diane appears on the monitor, Bridget can't believe her eyes. "I am just stunned. I love you," she says. "Oh my gosh."

Diane shares some words of encouragement with this young newscaster. "As long as what you care about on the inside is matched by what you're doing on the outside, you've got rocket fuel for a lifetime of happiness in this work," she says. "I can't wait to watch you do it."

To complete the hookup, Diane invites Bridget to come visit her on the set of ABC's World News!
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