A few hours after a Harpo camera crew came through their front door, Josh and Rob arrive in Las Vegas and head to Caesars Palace, home of Cher's cutting-edge stage show. "In your fantasies, you dream about this," Josh says.

After getting the VIP treatment at Caesars, it's finally showtime. Josh and Rob are seated near the back of the Colosseum, but that doesn't damper Josh's excitement. "I'm at the edge of my seat," he says. "The show hasn't started yet."

Cher takes the stage in a fabulous Bob Mackie design and begins the show. Josh thinks his hookup is complete, but little does he know, this music legend has something up her sleeve.

Suddenly, a spotlight shines down on Josh, and Cher calls him down to the front row! "You getting here comes from Oprah, and you sitting here in these seats comes from me," she says. "Get your surprised ass down here."

The best part? After the final song, Josh is invited backstage to meet his idol. Finally, after years of emulating Cher, Josh gets the chance to express his admiration. "You have been such an inspiration to me. You have made me feel so comfortable in my own skin, and you have allowed me to love myself," he says. "You have fed me that energy through your music, through your performances, through just being Cher."
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