Stacey Halprin in 1997

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November 12, 1997
For a follow-up show on November 12, 1997, Stacey returned to Chicago to talk about how sharing her story led her to a movie role with none other than the legendary actress Shirley MacLaine. First-time screenwriter David Ciminello had based a supporting character in Bruno after Stacey and invited her to meet with Shirley, the film's lead, so Shirley could better understand the part.

"From that day on, a ball started rolling that I couldn't stop," Stacey said. Though the team behind the film originally wanted a Hollywood star to play the supporting role of Angela, they ended up giving Stacey the part! In 2000, Bruno was released starring Shirley, Kathy BatesGary Sinise, Jennifer Tilly and Joey Lauren Adams.

"It's so important for people to know that I thought my life was going to start the day I [weighed] under 200 pounds," Stacey said. "But guess what? Life happens anyway."