Q: What are the greatest lessons you've learned from this calling?

A: I have learned so much from my life as The Locator. A lot of beliefs in our society have been proven to be nothing more than myth, based on the results from my 20-plus years of work on thousands of cases. A few of the myths I have uncovered are:

1. Time heals all wounds. Time doesn't heal wounds—proper care and treatment does! Take gentle care of your relationships, old and new, and hand out forgiveness wherever asked. You will find you will be granted the same gift when it is your turn to ask.

2. A leopard cannot change his spots. I have personally witnessed many, many people make brave decisions to change their lives through hard work, sacrifice and prayer. Never underestimate the power of man who has made the bold decision to change his life. With purpose, it can be done!

3. Blood is thicker than water. The word "family" is not defined by matching DNA. Not even close. No, the true definition of family is those people who loved you when you needed them most. I have witnessed some of the most extraordinary reunions between non-blood-related people. Love knows no DNA strand.

Q: You and your wife have seven children. What lesson do you most hope they'll learn about relationships? 

A: Jennifer and I have tried to instill in our seven children the values which place family first. We live by the motto that: "No success in life compensates for failure in the home." I hope our children are keenly aware of how much Jennifer and I value the relationships in our life, by simply watching the silent sacrifices we make to sustain those relationships at times. I also hope the children are the beneficiaries of the love Jen and I pour over them and that each one of them can see by our actions and sacrifices how much we love them over everything else in life!

I could write hundreds of pages in hundreds of books about the endless blessings I have received during my 20 years rebuilding fractured families. It is an extraordinary blessing to have a front-row seat to these tender miracles that I witness every day of my life. I am forever changed by what I have seen. And for as long as I walk God's green earth, I will be on a mission to empower as many people as possible to build and rebuild every worthwhile relationship they have ever known. You can't have too much love given to you, and you will never run out of love to share. But you will run out of time to share that love. So stop pouting and start hugging! Tomorrow will be here before you know it!

Troy Dunn's miracle reunions


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