Celebrity-obsessed teens

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Whitney, Maegan, Julia and Amber are four Florida teenagers who say they are obsessed with young Hollywood celebrities. The teens spend thousands of dollars to keep up with the celebrity styles they see in tabloids and magazines.

If hair extensions, designer fashions and makeup aren't enough to imitate their idols, they say they're willing to go to any extreme. Whitney says she's making plans to have a breast augmentation. "Celebrities get plastic surgery all the time, and I don't see anything wrong with it," she says.

The girls even call each other the same slang names used by young celebrities on TV. "Sometimes we say, 'Hey, bitch, what's up?' or, 'Stop being a whore,'" Amber says. "It's not in a literal sense, it's more joking around."

Do the four friends think they are "stupid girls"? "We are really smart girls but sometimes we do dumb ourselves down around guys...not on purpose, just...it happens," Whitney says.