Now that Denni can check Italy off her wish list, Oprah moves down the list to something that's been hanging over Denni's head for years—her children's school loans. At this rate, Denni says she'll "be a young 93" when the loans are paid off. "Well, it will not take you that long," Oprah says. "Because we're going to pay off all those loans!"

"You gave me a life," Denni says. "How can I ever thank you?"

Oprah says she's helping Denni on behalf of every mother out there who has sacrificed for her child. "I'm doing this for you because I can't do it for everybody else," she says.

Then, Oprah reveals the last—but certainly not least—surprise. "I'm going to pay for you to have a year's salary," Oprah says. "Relax and maybe give up one of the jobs—or maybe two of the jobs!"

Before today, Denni says she thought her life was over. "No, no," Oprah says. "Your life isn't over. It's just beginning."


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