Today, Denni continues to work three jobs to pay the bills and pay down her debts. She's a learning consultant for children with disabilities, a home instructor for children who can't leave their homes to attend school and a college professor who assists young adults who have overcome adversity.

What little time Denni has left is devoted to her children, but she does have dreams of her own. On the refrigerator, a magnet holds up a postcard from Italy, a country she says she'd love to visit someday with her family.

Melissa, one of Denni's daughters, says she would love to see her mom's dreams fulfilled someday. "I would like my mom to have all the things she wants too," Melissa says. "Not just for us to have everything that we want. I want her to be happy."

Now that all of her children have graduated from college, Denni says every sacrifice and minute of work was worth it. "[Education] was, to me, the one factor that I think would give them the greatest chance to be successful in life," she says.


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