Criss Angel

Criss Angel might not look like your average magician, but this master of illusion, levitations and vanishings is being hailed as the best in the world! Every week 1.5 million fans tune in to his hit A&E show Mindfreak to watch as he performs jaw-dropping feats. From levitating high above the ground to walking on water, audiences are captivated.

Criss, who performed his first card trick at age 7, says he is happy that people have such a positive response to his work. "A lot of people don't live life to its fullest, and what I try to do is show when the mind, body and spirit work together, anything is possible when you have passion and belief in yourself," he says.

Now Criss is going to work his magic on Oprah! For his first trick, Criss asks Oprah to choose a number between 1 and 100. "I'm a student of humanity, of behavior, and I'm going to show you how I use psychology and your mannerisms to get inside your head, Oprah, and tell you what you're thinking," he says.

As Criss closes his eyes, Oprah writes her number on a piece of paper and shows it to the audience. Once she hides her choice from his sight, Chris studies Oprah closely, while talking through several numbers. Then he announces his pick. "It has to be eleven." And, he's right!
Criss Angel tries to determine which cup hides a sharp knife.

Criss's next trick is so dangerous that it could land him in a hospital! First, he selects two volunteers from the audience—Yvette and Amy—to help him with the scary feat.

While Yvette watches Criss to make sure he doesn't peek, Amy's job is to put a very sharp stand-up sushi knife underneath a foam cup. She then turns three other cups upside down and lines them up in a row. Criss's task is to determine which cup the knife is hidden under. But, to make things interesting, he is going to crush what he thinks are the empty cups with the palm of his hand. "This has severe consequences if I'm not correct," Criss says.

As Criss concentrates on the task, he asks Amy to put her right hand on his shoulder. "I'm going to try to utilize her and how she reacts to me to determine where the knife is," he says. Criss says he is using the lost art of Hellstromism, or muscle reading, to perform this trick.

One by one, Criss slams his hand down on two foam cups and doesn't find the knife. Finally, Criss smashes a third cup—and it's empty!
Criss Angel dangles above the audience as he tries to break Houdini's record.

Magician Harry Houdini was famous for his death-defying escapes, including a famous stunt in which he wriggled out of a straitjacket while dangling by his feet. Now, Criss attempts to replicate this feat—only he wants to beat Houdini's time of approximately five minutes! "A lot of what I do is completely real, and some of it's illusion," Criss says. "This is completely real."

Watch as Criss attempts to escape from a straitjacket.  Watch

After he is strapped into the straitjacket by two volunteers from the audience, Criss is hoisted high above the floor, where he dangles by his feet. As the clock ticks, he struggles to remove the confining jacket. By the time the clock strikes 2 minutes and 3 seconds, Criss is free!

"Wow," Oprah says. "That was good!"
Eric Dane's favorite burrito at Yuca's.

When Oprah visited the set of Grey's Anatomy , actor Eric Dane—who plays Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan—had a bone to pick with Gayle. Though she had crisscrossed the nation in a hunt for the best burger, pizza and cake, he says she missed something very important. "She missed the best burrito!" Eric says.

For 10 years, Eric has been visiting Yuca's to chow down on their delicious dishes. And, now that he is a regular on the hit ABC show, Yuca's owners, Dora and her mother, Mama Yuca, get to see their best customer all the time—the restaurant is only a few blocks from the Grey's set! "What I love about Mama Yuca is she is a hug first, order second kind of gal," Eric says.

Though Dora admits she has known Eric for years, she never knew him as "Dr. McSteamy"…instead she knew him as "Mr. Carne Asada"—his favorite dish! And Mama Yuca calls him "Guapo," Spanish for "handsome."

"'Guapo carne asada'—that's a handsome steak," Eric jokes.
'Grey's Anatomy' actor Eric Dane

When Eric first appeared on an episode of Grey's Anatomy in the second season, he wasn't sure what the future held for Dr. Sloan. Now that he is a cast regular, he finds himself adjusting to the sudden superstardom. "When I first started filming the show, people would come up and say, 'Hi.' And I automatically assumed that maybe we went to high school together," he says. "I'm getting a bit more used to it. I'm putting two and two together."

Eric says his wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart, is getting in on the fun, too. "She gets a kick out of it. I actually make her call me McSteamy a few times a week," he jokes.
Zach Johnson

When golfer Zach Johnson entered the Masters Tournament in 2007 ranked number 56, even he didn't think he would take home the coveted green jacket. But cheered on by his wife, Kim, and his baby boy, the small-town boy from Iowa overcame the odds to reach his lifelong dream!

In Zach's triumphant moment, golfing great Phil Mickelson put the green jacket of the Masters Tournament champion on his shoulders. "Having Phil Mickelson put it on me was great. I mean, that was just another dream come true," he says. "And also just the symbol that it represents as an Augusta National green jacket at the Masters Tournament, the history and the tradition behind it. I feel very, very honored and very, very privileged."

Several weeks after his victory, Zach says he's still trying to take it all in. "[It is] very surreal still, looking back. I've seen the footage every now and then," he says. "And I'm still pinching myself as a result."
Kurt Warner and Zach Johnson

An old friend—and two-time NFL MVP—wants to congratulate Zach on his triumph! Kurt Warner, the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, went to high school with Zach in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They haven't seen each other since before the tournament. "Man, a new baby boy, a green jacket, Oprah…not a bad year, kid!" Kurt says.

Kurt tells Zach how proud he is of his achievement. "I've realized that there's so many people out there that struggle on a daily basis, that are trying to fulfill their dream, and they come to the point of discouragement where they're ready to give up," Kurt says. "But you inspired so many people, and I think that's what's so cool about your story."