American Idol viewers might say that Simon is arrogant or out of control, but those who know him often describe him as warm and generous. So who's the real Simon Cowell? "A combination of the two," he says. "Of course I have an ego, but you have to have an ego. You have to be incredibly competitive. I can get competitive at times, way too much, and it becomes a little bit obsessive."

These days, Simon is dating Mezhgan Hussainy, American Idol's lead makeup artist, but says that at 50 years old, he's not sure he wants kids. "When I was younger, my dad used to play soccer and games with me and I worry, if I were 70...that worries me a little bit," he says. "If they could be born at the age of 5, I'd quite like them at that age. I like them when they can talk and understand. ... I'm not sure I could deal with the whole gaga, googoo. But I do like kids when I can talk to them. I mean, genuinely like them."


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