Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo
Think you have nothing to wear? Put down that purse!

Before you start scouring stores for something to wear for a night on the town, a wedding or simply something to make you feel fabulous, take a good look at your closet. What you're looking for may have been there all along!

Breaking It Down
In order to truly see what you have and what you need to add to your closet, we recommend that you break down your wardrobe into three categories:

1. Cake (basics): Jeans, knits, pants, jackets and tops in neutral colors that create the base of your outfit.

2. Frosting (pieces that pop): Jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags and embellished jackets that finish the look.

3. Edits: Outdated, ill-fitting clothing and clothing that just doesn't suit you. It no longer belongs in the closet! Instead, donate to charity.

Follow the three R's
Redefine your style by stating how you want to present yourself to the world. Be sure that everything in your closet fits that message.

Get inspired by reviewing trends online and reading magazines like O, The Oprah Magazine and Harper's Bazaar . Incorporate trends with what you already own. Read Life in Color and then decide what colors and neutrals work best for you!Team up with a girlfriend, organize a fashion night to take digital photos of each other's optimal looks and swap clothing.

Wake up every day excited to hit the red carpet of life. Make time for yourself in the morning to select something from your closet that makes you feel good. This will change the way you move through the day!

The hottest colors to wear right now
Make sure you have every element of your wardrobe covered with these color schemes.
Sky blue, mint, hot coral, lavender
Neutral—warm khaki

Ocean blue, rosy pink, kelly green, grape
Neutral—charcoal gray

Pumpkin, berry, forest green, cerulean

Sunlight, magenta, turquoise, violet

Jesse and Joe's advice for women afraid of color


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