Brian and Bradley

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When Clara killed her husband their twin boys were just 3 years old. Brian and Bradley are now 6. Clara says that she has explained to the boys that what happened was an accident and that they have forgiven her. Clara is allowed to see her sons for two hours every month and says she lives for their visits.

"That's what gives me the energy to keep going," she says. "The reassurance to know that they love me, you know, and that they need me."

The boys now live with Clara's closest friends, Anna and Pat. Coincidentally, Anna and Pat have 6-year-old twin sons of their own.

"Brian and Bradley are both very intelligent," Anna says. "They're doing very well in school. They know that Dad is in heaven. And they ask a lot of questions. 'What is Dad doing in heaven?' 'Can he see us?' They ask about Mama, when she's coming home. They miss their mom terribly…I just hope that Clara comes home so she can raise her boys. They need her."