Accident reconstruction expert, Steve Irwin

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Clara's defense team hired Steve Irwin, an accident reconstruction expert, who uses high-tech imagery to recreate car crashes. Steve took more than a thousand precise measurements and used them to create a 3-D version of the crime scene. Using the videotape that the private investigator shot, Steve and his team mapped every single frame of the investigator's videotape in a virtual world.

Steve's computer animation allows people to see the parking lot from different angles—views that the original videotape does not show.

"We're able to then get out of the videographer's camera and gain a new perspective on the evidence and just the entirety of the scene," Steve says. Judging from the view from inside Clara's Mercedes, Steve believes Clara could not have seen David when she drove around the side of Gail's SUV.

At Clara's trial, prosecutors claimed that she had repeatedly run over her husband. But according to Steve Irwin, that is not what happened. Steve claims the tire marks from Clara's car form a 40-foot circle. If true, that means she could only have run over David's body once.

But according to court records, the jury never saw Steve Irwin's reenactment because the judge ruled it to be misleading and confusing. Now Clara is appealing her case and wants to use it as evidence in a new trial.