Shaquan's mother says she knew Shaquan was going through a rough patch recently. Shaquan was unemployed, raising three children and living with her parents, Helen says. "She was depressed about not having the means to take care of the children," Helen says. "I took care of the house and paid for everything because I work full time. So I know she was very depressed about that. ... And she was trying to go to school online, and she failed those classes."

Shaquan's family all say they have forgiven her for her actions. "I'm a Christian, and the Bible teaches you that you have to forgive," Adriane says. "It doesn't say whether it's a great sin or small sin. If God forgives us, then we owe that to Shaquan to forgive her." 

Watch the Duley family remember Devean and Ja'Van.


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