Shaquan's family has spoken to her since the confession, but say they have not discussed the boys' deaths. "I think for me it's best that we just don't have that discussion. I just want to remember my nephews as they were and not focus so much on the end of their lives," Adriane says.

Watch Helen and Adriane open up about visiting Shaquan in jail.

Helen says she would like to know what happened that day but is waiting for Shaquan to tell her herself. "I don't know whether I could just ask her 'Shaquan, why did you do this?' I don't know, because she must have snapped."

Shaquan's case is still under active investigation, and she is currently in jail awaiting trial. She was recently denied bond and has yet to enter a plea. Shaquan's lawyer, Carl Grant, says there are many issues that must be factored into the case. Hours after the incident, local mental health officials diagnosed Shaquan as having a major depressive disorder with psychotic features, Carl says. "The evidence shows that she sliced her wrist in an attempt to commit suicide, ... and she drove her car into the river in an attempt to drown herself."

Carl says they have already filed notice of their intent to rely upon the insanity defense in this case.


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