Looking back, Helen says she thinks Shaquan may have gotten worked up because she felt her family had invaded her privacy. "I think she got upset because we bathed [her children] and I first had to tell her, 'You can't leave children undone all day long,'" she says.

Shaquan's father says her behavior that day was uncharacteristic. "It was just a little something that was blown out of proportion," he says. "She's a very loving daughter."

Though Helen says Shaquan had been going through a hard time recently, she never believed her daughter was capable of violence against her children. Aside from the two boys, Shaquan also has a daughter, who currently lives with Adriane. Shaquan "loved children, and she always did what she could to take care of her children," Helen says. "I know when she had her children she was very proud to become a mom, so the thought never came in my mind that she would do anything like that. I was totally shocked."


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