Shaquan's mother and sister say Shaquan became very angry earlier that day when she learned that her sons had been given a bath without her permission. "I said, 'Shaquan, this has to do with the fact that you don't take care of your children like you're supposed to,'" her sister Adriane says. "We were speaking to each other in what I would refer to as an elevated tone of voice."

Shaquan's mother, Helen, says she was worried the fight would escalate. "[Shaquan] was highly upset, raging, acting like a crazy person. Nothing like I've ever seen in her before," she says. "I'm like, 'This is not my daughter.' And so when I saw her flaring up in Adriane's face I said, 'There can't be a physical altercation in here.' So I ... called the police."

Adriane says Shaquan scooped up her sons, put them in the car and drove off. "That was the last that I saw of her," she says.

A few hours later, Helen says the coroner was at her house. "He said: 'Ma'am, I'm sorry. Your daughter is at the hospital, but your two grandsons perished.' It was the worst news I could have heard."


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