Reports say Child Protective Services was investigating Davis. Other reports say that she may have sold Shaniya into sex trafficking to pay off a drug debt. "I wasn't aware of any drug problem. It never even crossed my mind," he says. "Antoinette never lived in the best neighborhoods, so of course there was always that concern. But I never was concerned of her caring for [Shaniya] as a mother; for the weekends, she would keep her."

There are also reports that relatives had seen cigarette burns on Shaniya's body. "I saw certain things, but they would be things like scrapes on the knees that normal children would receive. ... The cigarette burn that was in question, someone was smoking a cigarette and I was told that Shaniya had walked into the cigarette accidentally," Carey says. "When I questioned Shaniya, she wouldn't really explain things. Shaniya and I's relationship was much different. Our relationship was full of laughter and joy, and a lot of the time that we spent together, it was more playful and learning."


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