Bradley says Shaniya was born from a brief relationship with Davis. "Antoinette did care for Shaniya her first year when she was first born. After that, she felt that it was best that Shaniya stayed with me as I was able to provide and give her a better environment," he says. "Any time Antoinette asked to see her, I made arrangements that she was able to spend time with her daughter."

Bradley, a contractor, says he last saw Shaniya on October 2, 2009, just before he had to leave for an out-of-town job. "When he's gone, Shaniya's with me. And on October 9, Antoinette had called me and asked me if she could visit with Shaniya," Carey says. "Shaniya loved her mother very much, and she did want to be with her."

As she had many times before, Carey says she dropped Shaniya off at her mother's house. "I gave her a kiss goodbye and I told her to be a good girl for Aunt Carey," she says. "As she ran off to her mom, she turned back and looked at me and said, 'I love you, Aunt Carey, and I'll see you later.' And that was the last time I've seen Shaniya."


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