Shania says she doesn't hold her husband responsible for the breakdown of her marriage because she says she also played a role. But Shania says she can't say the same for Marie-Anne. "The fact that the marriage broke down is nobody's fault. That is just a mutual breakdown of communication between two people," she says. "That is not the case with Marie-Anne. She was my friend. As far as I knew, everything was great."

Even though Shania says she'll always be sad about the way her marriage ended, she has been able to move on.

To this day, Mutt and Marie-Anne have never admitted to infidelity. Since Shania and Mutt share a child together, she still sees Mutt, but she refuses to see Marie-Anne. "It's a trigger. I think it's healthy to avoid certain triggers when you can't change them," Shania says. "I can't change who she is, so I'd rather just not have her in my life and avoid that."


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