Despite her pain, Shania says she wanted the details. "Through my experience with my parents dying, the accident, for example, I was responsible for dealing with the lawyers and the insurance companies, and I had to know all the awful details—how they died, every mark on their body," she says. "It was hard at the moment, but I was able to then work through what I knew, and then in the end, I could come to understand it. By not understanding and knowing the details, your imagination is left to run wild."

Shania says she never did get the details she wanted. She says she tried phoning Marie-Anne, but she didn't respond. Shania eventually wrote Marie-Anne a letter—pleading with her to leave her family alone. In her book From This Moment On, Shania shares the letter word for word. Part of it says, "Find love somewhere else, from someone else that isn't hurting two families so much. All of us have to suffer for the two of you. It just isn't right."

Shania says the challenge wasn't in sending the letter to Marie-Anne; the challenge was putting it in the book and sharing it with the world. "Suffering does not discriminate. No one is above this type of low," she says.


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