When it comes to aging, Raquel admits she was "totally" afraid of getting older. "To be an aging sex symbol is not exactly a picnic," she says. "If you're called old, you feel like it's over."

Raquel says she loved her 40s but felt blindsided when she hit menopause. She experienced heavy bleeding and drastic mood swings. She found herself without energy and depressed. "I used to find myself just down on the floor in a corner crying my eyes out," she says. "I couldn't handle anything."

Though Raquel found some relief through hormone replacement, she says she didn't find peace until she faced unresolved issues from her past. "I felt like a lot of what I was doing with my career and with the different men in my life was really a kind of [avoidance]," she says. "I just had to unravel the things that I hadn't been dealing with because I was just too busy."

In the end, Raquel says she felt empowered. "I actually felt like: 'Oh, my God, this is a new time. This is like an awakening. I'm coming into the light. I get myself now."


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