Raquel says a common misconception is that she's had lots of sex over the years. In fact, Raquel says sex is overrated. "Sex is great, of course. But sex to me is an expression of the relationship and the feelings that you have for somebody else," she says. "If those things are not working, and especially for women who are very strong and have a very high income—or at least a higher income than he does—it starts to just ruin everything."

Raquel says she falls for men who can see and feel the real her—not the girl on the poster. "All the men that I have really fallen for are those men that have reacted to me and have made me feel like I'm a person and it's not that they're going to bed with Raquel Welch," she says. "I'm a human being, you know. I put my high heels on one foot at a time."

Raquel say another misconception is that she's high maintenance. "I am for work but not the rest of the time," she says. "I'm usually just in sweatpants and some kind of raggedy shirt and my Keds."


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